Sebos new line of upright vacuums are some of the nicest machines we have ever seen. The Felix is truly an innovative product line, combining quality, features and 'ease of use' to make it one of the most effective vacuums on the market.
Sebo Felix Classic

Sebo Felix Classic

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Just when we thought it was impossible to come up with a nicer machine then the Sebo X series, Sebo comes out with the Felix. These machines are quickly becoming our most recommended vacuum to people who want quality. Sebo has managed to combine a 1300 watt motor, ABS extra durable plastic, additional brush motor, 3.5 liter bag capacity all in something that weighs 9.9 pounds. If you have been shopping around and comparing different features, then you would most likely agree that to find this combination of features in something as light and easy to use as the Felix is truly an innovation in the vacuum cleaner world.

  • Some of the Most Useful Features on the Sebo Felix Classic:
  • The Sebo Felix uses cog belts (belts with teeth) that don't break.
  • They have an automatic shut off function incase of brush jam (keeps the motor from burning out).
  • The machine easily comes apart at all points where periodic maintenance might be needed
  • The Felix provides the highest level of filtration available in an upright vacuum
  • It comes with a 5 year motor warranty (3 years on non-wear parts, 1 year labor)

Sebo isn't particularly a household name yet, but they offer some of the best engineering available in their products. You can find Sebo vacuums in use at the White House, Buckingham Palace, and many other large buildings that require dependable cleaning tools. These extremely well designed machines will easily last 12-15 years. We sell Sebos to commercial establishments that vacuum an average of 10 hours per week and they still last well over 10 years.

We highly recommend all three for anyone with dogs or cats that shed frequently. We also highly recommend the Sebo Felix to people with allergies who really need a high level of filtration to remove as many allergens from the air as possible. All three models have S-Class HEPA filtration, which is very important when coming from a German manufactured machine. The United States doesn't enforce any type of regulation on what you can call HEPA, so many manufactures are bypassing the implied guidelines as to what level of filtration a HEPA filter should provide. In Germany there are strict standards, and you can rest assured that when you have S Class Hospital Grade HEPA filtration from a German machine, you are removing a tremendous amount of dust particles from your living space every time you vacuum.

Sebo Felix Features:

Hose Handle -Always Ready

The easy-to-access hose handle makes cleaning stairs and hard to reach corners ultra easy. Just pull it out and use it to clean corners, edges and crevices.

Carrying Handle - Feels right in either hand

This ergonomically shaped handle is always ready for instances where you want to really utilize the Felix's light weight and carry the vacuum body in your hand. This is ideal for vacuuming stairs and reaching spots with the built in hose. You can even carry the vacuum with you as you dust off everything from counter tops to computer keyboards.

Automatic Positioning of Filter Bag - Dirt is locked in

It is impossible to put the bag in incorrectly, the hood won't close. The bag stands upright and automatically adjusts to the right position when the lid is closed. A properly positioned filter bag is the first line of defense against smaller dust particles and allergens. Sebo's design automatically assures that the machine is sealed and keeping the dust where it belongs.

Brush Roller - Easy access, easy maintenance

A great convenience for anyone with pets that shed. No matter how nice a vacuum, pet hairs will start to accumulate around the brush roller and slow down the performance of the brush. Wish Sebo's easy-to-access brush roller, you don't even need to get out your tool box. Just push a button and the Roller releases and can slide right out so you can easily cut the hairs of with knife or scissors.

Exhaust Filter - Both effective and Stylish

Behind the attractive design patterns on the Sebo Felix models is one of the most advanced filtration systems. These cloth filters that wrap around the machine provide S- Class hospital grade HEPA filtration. They are capable of trapping particles down to .3 microns. Due to the large surface area of the surrounding filter the air stream is distributed and absorbs the noise of the engine, resulting in extremely quite operation. The filters are replaceable as well, and unlike many other vacuum companies, you can rest assured Sebo parts aren't discontinued in the hopes of making customers by new machines, they are always available through a Sebo dealer and easily compatible with all models.

Cable Hook - Just let it Go

The power cable is available immediately by releasing the hook. This way to you don't have to take all the excess time to unravel a cord before vacuuming.

Telescopic Handle - Short or Long

Telescopic wands are a great way to make vacuuming as comfortable as possible. As you vacuum, your height plays an important role in the ease of use. A shorter person would have more leverage with a longer handle, and depending on how long the handle, the weight of the machine is distributed differently. With the telescopic wand on the Felix, any user can easily adjust the vacuum for the maximum comfort just by clicking a switch and sliding the handle to the desired position.

Variable Power Control - Select the amount of power you need

Variable power control is a great option for people with high quality furniture or valuable Persian rugs. Depending on how often you clean, you can either be removing a light dust or deeper dirt in the carpet, and with the variable power control you can control how aggressively you want the brush to act on your cleaning surface.

Low Profile

The Sebo Felix can adjust all the way down, parallel to the floor to get under beds, couches, etc... The Felix can go down to 6 inches in height.

Turning Swivel Neck - Highest level of Control

Sebo's power head uses a very agile swivel neck. This neck can go up to 90 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal. Swivel necks makes vacuum quicker and easier. With so much maneuverability, the job can actually get done significantly quicker.

The Sebo ET

Every home's flooring has it's highs and lows. The Felix has 4 levels of height adjustment to easily give the best results on any surface. You can turn off the brush roller as well with the flip of a switch for hard floors.

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