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Vacuum Cleaners

Vacorama provide high quality, name brand vacuum cleaners to consumers and businesses at discounted prices! While we carry a variety of brands of vacuum cleaners, we also carry air purifiers, commercial cleaners, vacuum cleaner parts, and accessories. Whether you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner, a canister vacuum cleaner, or air purifier - chances are we have it. 

There are thousands of brands and different models to choose from in many different price ranges. Because every cleaning surface requires a different type of cleaning, selecting the perfect machine for your home or business can be a tiresome and tedious task. At one time, salespersons would travel from door to door showcasing the newest models available and demonstrating the different features each had to offer.  We are proud to offer expert advice and assistance to help you find a great vacuum cleaner within any budget. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting, hardwood floors or berber rugs, we can help you to locate a unique machine based directly on your needs. The first step in choosing the right machine is to pin-point the types of flooring you'll be cleaning. If you have carpets, you'll require an electric power nozzle while hard floors may only need an air driven turbo nozzle. Uprights are usually only recommended for heavy carpeting and canisters are ideal for hardwood floors or tile.

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