The Sebo duo P dry carpet cleaning system is one of our favorites. It works in conjunction with the Sebo Duo Brush Machine. More and more, people are starting to catch on about the advantages of using a chemical dry carpet cleaning system. The Duo - P carpet dry cleaning powder is one of the best engineered dry cleaning chemicals out there. Made in Germany by the Sebo company, one of our favorite manufacturers.

Sebo Duo P Carpet Cleaning Powder

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All over you'll hear us mention how Sebo is one of our favorite manufacturers. The quality of the engineering is unmatched. Their Duo P carpet cleaning powder is no different.

Carpet dry cleaning is becoming the preferred method of carpet cleaning for many reasons. Through innovative chemical engineering, Sebo is one of the leading forces with their Duo P powder.

Advantages of Carpet Dry Cleaning with Sebo Duo P Carpet Cleaning Power:

  • - It's more effective.
  • - It's much better for the life and upkeep of your rugs.
  • - There's no long period of waiting for carpets to dry before you can walk on them.

Using Sebo Duo for Dry Cleaning

  1. First thing to do is thoroughly vacuum your carpet.
  2. Clean all the toughest stains by hand with a brush and a highly effective stain remover such as Tech.
  3. Spread the duo P carpet dry cleaning powder evenly over your floors. About 1 bag should cover 200 square feet.
  4. Now Brush the dry carpet cleaning powder into the carpet with the duo P Brush Machine. Brush it in deep, for about 2- 5 minutes per square feet, make sure the powder is still visible.
  5. Now let the duo P dry carpet cleaning powder sit in your rug for about 3 hours.
  6. When dry, vacuum up all the powder and your done.

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