Bag Vs. Bagless

Did you ever wonder why mom or grandmas vacuum you grew up with nearly ran forever? Did you ever wonder why the bagless vacuum you bought a few years ago doesn't run at full capacity and or is extremely dirty? Simply put the premium vacuum manufactures, Sebo, Miele, Electrolux, Oreck, Riccar, and Simplicity have been around for decades. The premium vacuums have multiple year warranties and most of there products have disposable bags. When a premium vacuum starts to preform at a capacity less then its max, switching the bag usually restores suction forcing the vacuum to preform again. Once you remove the bag you'll notice the inside of the vacuum stays relatively clean. The bag is the vacuums first line of defense in protecting the vacuum from accumulating dirt throughout sections of the vacuum that shouldn't be dirty. Add a Pre-Motor filter and Hepa-Filter and you'll have a great filtering vacuum that will last you for years.

Recently manufactures such as Dyson, Shark, Bissell, Hoover, and Dirt Devil have been producing bagless vacuums. Although there are some pros there are many cons that come with buying a bagless machine. For example dirt begins to accumulate throughout the vacuum even after you release the dirt from the bin because there's no filter to protect it. Also when you pick up an odor it becomes very difficult to get the stench out and when you release the dirt from the bin it could get quite messy. One misconception is many believe bagless vacuums require less maintenance then a bagged vacuum. Due to the fact that the maintenance is neglected on a bagless vacuum they tend to break or not run properly only a couple years after being purchased. These manufactures intended too persuade people into buying new vacuums every couple of years from Big Box Stores. When in Reality most customers want a vacuum that preforms and last. In the end the only people that win are the manufacture and the Big Box store. Now let me ask you, would you prefer a bagged or bagless vacuum?