Dyson Vacuum Repair

Dyson vacuums are famous for their claim that they never lose suction. Despite this, you will have to service your vacuum eventually when your Dyson either stops working or is not working properly. When this happens, it is generally because either the brush bar, hose or wand is clogged or jammed. Always turn off and unplug the Dyson before cleaning it to avoid electric shock.  The most common Dyson vacuum cleaner problems that you can fix yourself include loss of suction due to a dirty or damaged filter and problems with the belt and brush bar. Repairing your Dyson vacuum yourself may change or void your warranty, depending on what you do to the vacuum. If you are unsure how to remove parts from your vacuum, consult the manual that came with the appliance for specific diagrams and instructions.

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner should provide you with many years of excellent performance and satisfaction, however you may wish to treat your machine to a routine service if it is out of guarantee.  We believe in total customer satisfaction, unlike big stores that focus only on selling with lucrative discount schemes, but deal poorly on customer service. This is also the reason that these days many customers are doubtful in being able to get their machines repaired reliably, and hence rather opt for buying a new, when the old one can be put to good use at a fractional cost. It is not a surprise that many times we find it hard to impress upon a new customer that getting the old machine repaired may a good decision than buying a new one.