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Central vacuum Hayden 3 Standard Inlet Installation Kit


Central vacuum Hayden 3 Standard Inlet Installation Kit
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Everything you need to do a basic installation of 3 inlets for a central vacuum. Depending one how mnay inlets you plan on having you need to buy additional kits. So if you plan on having 6 inlets, you would need 2 kits, or if you plan on 9 inlets, you would need 3 kits. One thing to consider is that a central vacuum will most likely be in your home as long as you own it, so we always recommend upgrading to a super valve kit incase you ever need to add an electric power brush(most people do). Super valve has an electrical romex box inside to house the 110 volt wiring lead needed to power the electric power brushes.

  • 3 Inlet Installation Kit (non-electric) Includes:
  • 3 standard valves
  • 3 back plates
  • 3 short 90 degree elbows
  • 9 long 90 degree elbows
  • 6 45 degree elbows
  • 6 couplings
  • wire hangers
  • 2 90 degree sweep T's
  • wire straps
  • 80 feet of low voltage wire
  • can of glue
  • templates

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