Kirby Carpet shampoo is a dry foam concentrate with Kirby GAURD soil repellent. Kirby carpet cleaner works great in addition to a Kirby vacuum w/ carpet cleaning attachment. Kirby carpet shampoo will reduce allergens and it's quick to dry, only about 2 hours or so. Like with any carpet cleaner, you are going to want to vacuum heavily prior to applying the shampoo to the carpet. you will also want to vacuum after the carpet cleaner dries.

Kirbty Carpet Shampoo

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4 Easy steps to using Kirby Carpet Shampoo:

  1. Vacuum thoroughly with your vacuum cleaner prior to applying kirby carpet shampoo.
  2. Fill carpet shampoo tank with warm water to the top of the line. Add three caps worth of Kirby carpet shampoo. Shake gently to mix.
  3. One full tank of carpet shampoo will cover approximately one 10' X 12' of carpet.
  4. Wait for rug to be completely dry of carpet shampoo, then vacuum thoroughly again, and your done.

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