Sebo Essential G5 (FREE DELIVERY)

Sebo Essential G5 (FREE DELIVERY)

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The SEBO Essential G5 combines professional-grade powerful suction with versatility and style. The G5 offers all of the brilliant features of the Essential G4 and more. With a 15-inch cleaning path in the form of an L-shaped power nozzle, the Essential G5 is at the front of its class. Its airtight design allows for optimal filtration and unmatched suction power.


This vacuum is perfect for use in both professional and residential settings. The Essential G5 is a great vacuum cleaner for hotels, restaurants, businesses and apartment buildings. This vacuum has been a favorite of the janitorial and hospitality industries. It's also a great upright vacuum for residences.


The Essential G5 offers a sturdy, lightweight design with an electronic controller that acts as a warning system. The G5 unit will automatically alert you if there is a clog in your system, the belts are in need of replacement, the brush is worn or if the bag is full. Moreover, the SEBO Essential G5 has a sound level of 69 dB.


The Essential G5's filtration system locks dirt in; Debris enters from the top, deposits at the bottom, accumulates upward, and air exits through the vacuum's sides allowing optimum ventilation and air flow. The filter bags feature a closing cap to seal in the dust during dumping and removal. This filtration system classifies as "hospital-grade," which means wherever you are, your space will be as clean as possible.


Internally, the SEBO Essential G5 uses Sebo G5 Filter Bags that hold .92 gallons of dirt and debris. The Sebo Essential G5 Exhaust Filter cleans the air emitted by the vacuums motor. Lastly, the Sebo Essential G5 S-Class Pre-motor Filterabsorbs 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This filter is made out of electrostatically-charged micro-fiber material and are non-washable.

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