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Central vacuum Stealth Power Pack Kit with Pigtail Cord

Modern Day

The Stealth Power Pack is our most frequently recommended accessory kit for central vacuum buyers. It's the 'no-headache' option, with top of the line materials and engineering, this kit will last a very long time and give your house a great cleaning...
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We have found that the stealth power pack to be the finest power nozzle on the market today. With it's unique design, the brush on the power unit has a very effective way of directing scattered dirt into the mouth of the machine. It has rubber wheels, ball bearing driven. It has a non restricting height adjustment and an electronic LED read out to tell you the best height for the carpet you are cleaning. Super quiet with a five year belt warrantee. The hose is 35 foot long and uses the best quality cleaning tools available. For a few dollars more then the other kits, it's by far the best value. We highly recommend this power pack...

  • 35 foot electrified hose to fit super valves
  • telescopic wand to adjust it's height for a higher comfort level
  • 1 hose hanger
  • 1 rug nozzle(quality made w/ horse hair)
  • floor brush(quality made w/ horse hair)
  • dust brush(quality made w/ horse hair)
  • upholstery and crevice tool(quality made w/ horse hair)
  • MD Stealth Electric Power Head

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