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Central vacuum Vacorama Deluxe Kit

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Central vacuum Vacorama Deluxe Kit
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The Vacorama Deluxe Kit includes a deluxe 35 foot, low-voltage hose with a turbine (air-driven) power nozzle. A convenient feature located on the hose is the switch at the handle, which makes cleaning easier, eliminating the need to go to the wall each time you turn the power on or off. The Vacorama Deluxe Kit also includes a smooth floor brush, a soft dusting brush, an upholstery tool with a clip-on drappery brush, a crevice tool, and a telescopic wand. In addition to these accessories, the kit also includes a clip-on accessory tool holder, as well as a hose hanger, providing easy storage. We recommend the Vacorama Deluxe Kit for all people with an area rug and bare floor combination in their home. This Deluxe Kit comes with a heavy duty tubo head. The heavy duty turbo head includes large and soft rubber wheels, and a stiffer, more heavy duty nilon brush, which is great for people with stubborn dog hair on their carpet.The heavy duty turbo head also has a larger total width, measuring 13 inches, compared to the 11 inch wide smaller turbo head.

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